Stebby and His Works

people Sep 03, 2019

Stebby Julionatan. Born in Probolinggo, East Java, and July 30, 1983. Writing is another activity of his daily work as staff of the Information Section at the Communication and Information Agency (Diskominfo) in Probolinggo City, East Java. Active as a radio broadcaster and editor at the Suara Kota tabloid. He served as the youngest member of the Probolinggo City Board of Education. Since 2013, he has been sitting in the Literature Division of the Probolinggo City Arts Council, while working in the Writing Community (Komunlis) which he formed in 2010. Also involved in the Sae Sanget Indonesia Community and the Susastra Nusantara Community.

In 2015, as an effort to intensify the world of literacy in schools, organized the Komunlis Goes to School program; driving the East Java Inspiration Class. The most recent one, since the beginning of 2017, has been holding a program on Talking Books with the Writing Community (BerKomunlis); i.e. once a month invites young talented writers from the country to their hometown, Probolinggo, for surgical work and to study the theory and practice of writing. The goal, so that literacy lovers or prospective writers from Probolinggo are always motivated to continue writing.

He once attended a writing workshop held by Kompas, in Bali, with Prof. Budi Darma; also carried out by Bentang in Surabaya with Dewi Lestari (2015); and by Mizan with Tassaro GK (2013) in Bandung. Ever invited by Thamasat University, Thailand (2016) to talk about literacy activities held by Komunlis. In 2019, was invited to the UI to talk about the City of God, and moderated the surgery of Prof.'s latest book. Sapardi Djoko Damono, A Pair of Old Shoes.

Some mass media that have published their profiles and literary works include: Jakarta Post, Kompas, Jawa Pos, Surya, Nova, Nyata, Bali Weekly, Jurnal Ruang, Weekly Line, Radar Bromo, Radar Bekasi, Ambon Pos, Tribun Jabar, Tribun Jogja, Surabaya Pos, Bhirawa, Kota-B, Bromo Post, Padmagz, koran Tempo, and Sindo.

Stebby Julionatan

chief editor n co-founder Problink

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